Northern Extension of Krishna Temple

Northern Extension: We come up from the tank and proceed to the North through a passage in between the cauki and bhoojana sale. In the dining hall called bhoojana saale hundreds of poor people are fed every day. There is a small shrine of Mukhyyapraana inside the bhoojana saale. The food is offered to this deity and then served. The 27th pontiff of Sri Shirur Mutt Lakshmi Samudra Tirtha Swamiji constructed this building in 1915 AD and established the idol of Mukhyyaprana.

At the end of this passage we can notice what is known as Vasanta Mahal. This is the stage where recitations, lectures, discourses and other cultural programmes take place in the evening. Sri Laksmindra Tirtha, the 28th pontiff of Sri Shirur Mutt renovated this in 1959 A.D.

During the spring festival of vaisaakha month the ritual of vasanta puuje takes place here. Formerly the paryaya congregation also used to take place here.

To the West of vasanta mantapa is a building known as badagu maalige.. The administrative offices, treasury, granary etc are located in this building. Since the days of Sri Vadriraja up to the second half of the 19th century the Paryaya congregation also used to take place in a hall inside this building. To keep up that tradition even now the swamiji sites on a decorated platform along with other swamijis and exchange sandal paste and other objects on the eve of Paryaya in this place.

In the month of Bhadrapada the Ganesha festival is celebrated for four days in this building. The Paryaya swamiji himself performs puuja to the specially decorated idol of Ganesha.

This building was originally constructed during the time of Vadiraja. Since it was very old the swamiji of Sri Pejawar Mutt renovated the first floor of this building during his last paryaya(1968-69). The upper portion was renovated by the swamiji of Sri Admar Mutt during his tenure (1972-73). The paryay swamiji and other swamijis live here and give discourses to their disciples. Professors and scholars attached to the Mutt live in other rooms. Special places are reserved for scholars of different subjects. Scholars of Vedanta, dharmasaastra, jyootisya, tarka, vyaakarana eyc. Find places specially reserved for them.