Serpent Guard

Serpent guard to golden treasury : To the east of Vasant Mahal the shrine of Lord Subramanya is located. Sri Vadiraja constructed this serpent shrine. From there we can peep down towards a vast level ground known as raajangana. The paryaya assemble is arranged here. The mass feeding and cooking takes place in this place during great festivals.

On one side of the Rajabgana is a guesthouse of Sri Shirur Mutt. On the other side is a guesthouse known as Birla chowltry. In between the two guesthouses another well-equipped guesthouse is being constructed by the Tiumalai Tirupathi Temple Trust.

Sri Pejawar Swamiji before taking charge of his third paryaya 1984-85 has covered a portion of Rajangana with Cuddapah stones. Formerly about 20 thousand devotees who participate in the congregation of paryaya had to squat on the ground, but now they can sit comfortably on the polished stone slab and watch the proceedings. The swamiji is also putting up a roof for a portion of this area so that the place can be used for some cultural and religious congregations accommodating thousands of people