Around The Car-Street

Around The Car-Street Among the disciples of Acharya Madhva eight stayed at Udupi to take up the responsibility of worshipping the idol of Lord Krishna as well as the propagation of the tenets of Madhva's philosophy. In the beginning all these Eight pontiffs used to stay together in Sri Krishna Mutt.

There was no system of change of guard once in two years. They used to share the priestly duties according to their convenience by mutual construction. Then the tradition of each one of them to be in charge of the temple for two months began to be established.

This system continued up to the period of Sri Vadiraja who changed it to a two-year term. At the same time eight mutts came to be constructed around the car street. The Acharya must have initiated them in the same order. The paryaya takes place in the same order.

Each cycle starts with Palimar Mutt and ends with Sri Pejawar Mutt. The Mutts were constructed around the Car Street during the period of Sri Vadiraja. But they are not in the order mentioned above. Let us visit them in the order in which they are located.