Kaniyour Mutt

Kaniyour Mutt: When we come out of Sri Krishna Mutt and start going round the Car Street towards the East we come across the Kaniyur Mutt. The main branch of this Mutt is in the Kaniyour Village and hence that name. The original pontiff of this Mutt Sri Rama Tirtha was gifted with an idol of Yoga Narasimha of four hands seated on swastik symbol.

The idol has sankha and cakra in two hands and the remaining two hands are placed on laps. The present swamiji Sri Vidya Vvarinidhi Tirtha is the 29th pontiff in the line. He was initiated when he was 11 years in the year 1942. vaisaakha bahula sasthi of Chitrabhanu samvatsara.

The guru parampara of this Mutt:

1.Rama Tirtha

2.Raghunatha Tirtha

3.Raghupathi Tirtha

4.Raghunandana Tirtha

5.Yadunandana Tirtha

6.Vishvatma Tirtha

7.Vishvanatha Tirtha

8.Vedagarbha Tirtha

9.Vagisha Tirtha

10.Varadapati Tirtha

11.Vishvapati Tirtha

12.Vishvamula Tirtha

13.Vedapati Tirtha

14.Vedaraja Tirtha

15.Vidyadhisha Tirtha

16.Vibudhesha Tirtha

17.Varijaksha Tirtha

18.Vishvendra Tirtha

19.Vibudhavandya Tirtha

20.Vibudhadhiraja Tirtha

21.Vidyaraja Tirtha

22.Vibudhapriya Tirtha

23.Vidyasagra Tirtha

24.Vasudeva Tirtha

25.Vidyapati Tirtha

26.Vamana Tirtha

27.Vidyanidhi Tirtha

28.Vidyasamudra tirtha

29.Vidyaverinidhi Tirtha (Present swamiji)

30.Vidya Vallabha Tirtha (Present junior Swamiji)