Sode Mutt

Sode Mutt: This is located in the Southeast corner of the Car Street. Before the time of Vadhiraja the main village branch of this Mutt was in Kumbhasi village. Hence it was known as Kumbhasi Mutt. Arasappa Navak of Sode honoured Vadiraja Swamiji by gifting land properties at Sode. Vadriraja Swamiji constructed a big Mutt there and renamed this Mutt as Sode Mutt. The main branches of all seven Mutts are in the villages of South Kanaka. But that of Sode Mutt alone is in the North Kanaka District.

The original pontiff of this Mutt started worshipping the idol of Bhuvaraha. Gifted by Sri Madhvacharya. The idol is known for its remarkable iconography with Bhuudeevi on one thigh and the other leg supporting on the hood of serpent. Along with Bhuvaraha idol of the personal god of Vadiraja namely Hayagriya is also worshipped. Sri Hayagriva is the presiding deity of knowledge and accordingly the idol has in hand the mudra of knowledge, book, rosary and conch. The 35th pontiff in the lineage Sri Vishvottama Tirtha Swamiji is the present head of the Mutt. He was initiated into the order at the age of 9 in the year 1943, the bhaadrapada suddha caturthi in the samvtsara svabhaaun.

The guru parampara of the Mutt is as follows:

1.Vishnu Tirtha

2.Vedavyasa Tirtha

3.Vedavedya Tirtha

4.Vedagarbha Tirtha

5.Vareesha tirtha

6.Vamana Tirtha

7.Vasudeva Tirtha

8.Vedavyasa Tirtha

9.Varaha tirtha

10.Vedatma Tirtha

11.Vishvavandya Tirtha

12.Ratnagarbha Tirtha

13.Vedanga Tirtha

14.Vidyapati Tirtha

15.Vishvavandya Tirtha

16.Vishva Tirtha

17.Vithala tirtha

18.Varadaraja tirtha

19.Vagisha Tirtha

20.Vadiraja Tirtha

21.Vedavedya Tirtha

22.Vidyanidhi Tirtha

23.Vedanidhi Tirtha

24. Varadaraja Tirtha

25.Vishvadhirajendra Tirtha

26.Vadivandya Tirtha

27.Vishvavandya Tirtha

28.Vibudhavarya Tirtha

29.Vishvanidhi Tirtha

30.Vishvadhisha Tirtha

31.Vishvesha Tirtha

32.Vishvapriya Tirtha

33.Vishvadhisha Tirtha

34.vishvendra Tirtha

35.Vishvottama Tirtha (The present swamiji)