Palimar Mutt

Palimar Mutt: Beyond Sri Pejawar Mutt in the western Car Street there is Palimar Mutt by the side of the Kanakadasa Road. The chief branch of this Mutt is in the Palimar village.

The idol of Kodanda Rama with Lakshmana and Sita gifted by the Acharya Madhva to the first pontiff Sri Hrshikesha Tirtha is worshipped here. The idols of Rama and Lakshmana have bows and arrows in hands whereas that of Sita has lotus in hand. The 29th swamiji in the lineage Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha is the present pontiff. In the year 1969 the then Swamiji of Palimar Mutt renounced his seat and the swamiji of Sri Bhandarkeri Mutt accepted it and continuous to be in charge of both the Mutts. He has now initiated two junior swamijis for both the mutts under his charge; The junior swamiji of Palimar Mutt, Sri Vidhyadhisha Tirtha was initiated at the age of 24 years in the year 1979. (siddhaarthi samvatsara jyeestha suddha navami.)

The guru parampara of Palimar Mutt:

1. K\Hrshikesha Tirtha

2. Samatmesha Tirtha

3. Sambhava Tirtha

4. Aparajita Tirtha

5. Vidyamurthi Tirtha

6. Rajarajeshvara Tirtha

7. Srinidhi Tirtha

8. Videsha Tirtha

9. Srivallabha Tirtha

10. Jagadbhushana Tirtha

11. Ramachandra Tirtha

12. Vidyanidhi Tirtha

13. Suresha Tirtha

14. Raghavendra Tirtha

15. Raghunandana Tirtha

16. Vidyapati Tirtha

17. Raghupati Tirtha

18. Raghuttama Tirtha

19. Ramabhadra Tirtha

20. Raghuvarya Tirtha

21. Raghupungava Tirtha

22. Raghuvara Tirtha

23. Raghupravira Tirtha

24. Raghubhushana Tirtha

25. Raghuratna Tirtha

26. Raghupriya Tirtha

27. Raghumanya Tirtha

28. Raghuvallabha Tirtha

29. Vidyamanya Tirtha (Present swamiji)

30. Vidyadhisha Tirtha (Junior swamiji)