Krishna Mutt

Krishna Mutt : Sri Krishna Mutt is located in the northern side of the Car Street. The main branch of this mutt is in the village Krishnapura.

The idol of Kaliyamardana Krishna of two shoulders, gifted by the Acharya Madhva to the first pontiff Sri Janardana Tirtha of this Mutt is worshipped here. The idol has an attractive pose of child Krishna with his one leg on serpent Kalinga and another leg lifted up and holding the tail of the serpent in his left hand. The right hand has the mundra of abhaya to those who are afraid of the poison. At the request of Sri Janardana Tirtha the Acharya had given another idol of Ugra Narasimha also which has the pose of Narasimha keeping Hiranyakashipu on his laps and tearing away his intestines. Two hands operate at the chest of the enemy and the remaining six hands hold various weapons. At the foot of this

Eight-handed ferocious Narasimha is the tiny Prahlada standing with folded hands.

The 35th pontiff in the lineage Sri Vidyasagra Tirtha is the present chief of this Mutt. He was initiated in May 1970.

The guru parampara of this Mutt:

1. Janardana Tirtha

2. Srivatsankita Tirtha

3. Vagisha Tirtha

4. Lokesha Tirtha

5. Lokantha tirtha

6. Lokapriya Tirtha

7. Vidyadhiraja Tirtha

8. Vishvavadiraja Tirtha

9. Vishvadhisha Tirtha

10. Vishvesha Tirtha

11. Vishvavandya Tirtha

12. Vishvaraja Tirtha

13. Dharanidhara Tirtha

14. Dharadhara Tirtha

15. Prajnamurthi Tirtha

16. Tapomurthi Tirtha

17. Suresvara Tirtha

18. Jagannatha Tirtha

19. Suresh Tirtha

20. Vishvapungava Tirtha

21. Vishvavallabha Tirtha

22. Vishvabhushanan Tirtha

23. Yadavendra Tirtha

24. Prajnamurthi Tirtha

25. Vidyadhiraja Tirtha

26. Vidyamurthi Tirtha

27. Vidyavallabha Tirtha

28. Vidyendra Tirtha

29. Vidyanidhi Tirtha

30. Vidyasamudra Tirtha

31. Vidyapathi Tirtha

32. Vidyadhisha Tirtha

33. Vidyasagara Tirtha

34. Vidyaratna Tirtha

35. Vidyasagra Tirtha (Present Swamiji)