Shirur Mutt

Shirur Mutt: To the east of Sri Krishna Mutt in front of the Kanaka's shrine is located the Shirur Mutt. The main branch of this Mutt is in the village Shirur.

The idol of Vithala with Sri Devi and Bhudevi gifted by the Acharya to the first pontiff Sri Varmana Tirtha of this Mutt is worshipped here. To distinguish this Vithala from the other idols of Vithala, the name Varma Vithala is given to this idol.

The 30th pontiff in the lineage Sri Lakshmivara Tirtha is the present chief of this Mutt. He was initiated at the age of 8 years in june 1971.

The Guru parampara of this Mutt:

1. Vamana Tirtha

2. Vasudeva Tirtha

3. Punyasloka Tirtha

4. Vedagamya Tirtha

5. Vedavyasa Tirtha

6. Vedavedya Tirtha

7. Mahesha Tirtha

8. Krishna Tirtha

9. Raghava Tirtha Suresh Tirtha

10. Suresha Tirtha

11. Vedabhushana Tirtha

12. srinivasa Tirtha

13. Vedanidhi Tirtha

14. Sridhara Tirtha

15. Yadavittama Tirtha

16. Lakshminarayana Tirtha

17. Vishvabhushana Tirtha

18. Trailokyapavana Tirtha

19. Lakshmikanta Tirtha

20. Lakshminarayana Tirtha

21. Lakshmipathi Tirtha

22. Lakshmidhara Tirtha

23. Lakshmiramana Tirtha

24. Lakshmimanohara Tirtha

25. Lakshmipriya Tirtha

26. Lakshmivallabha Tirtha

27. Lakshmisamudra Tirtha

28. Lakshmindra Tirtha

29. Lakshmimanojna tirtha (He renounced the seat)

30. Lakshmivara Tirtha (Present swamiji)