Worship in Krishna Temple

Worship at fourteen times a day Sri Krishna is worshipped fourteen times a day by the Swamiji. Let us have a look at these rituals stating from the worship of dawn to that of the late night.

The fourteen main rituals are:

1. nirmalya visarjana puja
2. ushakala puja
3. aksayapatra-gopuja
4. pancamrtabhiseka
5. udvartana puja
6. kalasa puja
7. tirtha puja
8. alankaara puja
9. avasara kanakadi puja
10. maha puja
11. camara seva puja
12. ratri puja
13. mantapa puja
14. sayanootsava puja

Of these the first ten take place in the forenoon. The remaining four are the evening services. Thus the Lord of fouteen worlds accepts fourteen types of pujas everyday.