Nirmaalya visarjana puja

Nirmaalya visarjana puujaa At 4-00a.m. the door of the shrine is opened. The Swamiji in charge of the two years paryaya takes his bath in the lake Madhva Sarovara and after his meditation and libation (tarpana) in a room adjacent to the sanctum sanctorum enters the shrine. When the priests chant the Vedas and the bells ring the Swamiji removes the flowers, sacred leaves and sandal paste etc from the idol.

He then removes the ornaments. The idol of Krishna holding churning rod, which was originally revealed to Sri Madhvacharya, can be seen now. This vision of the Lord is known as visvaruupa darsana.

After the nirmaalya is removed there is a five-fold service to the idol. The tulasi sprouts and sandal paste are offered.Morning breakfast is offered and there is waving of aarati in a round plate.

The dishes offered at this service are flat rice and curd, groundnuts, ginger, jaggery and coconut and betal leaf and nut.