Aksaya paatra puja-goopuujaa

Aksaya paatra puja-goopuja :- Then the swamiji performs pujas to aksaya paatra and the cows. The aksaya vessel and ladle are preserved and worshipped from the time of Madhvacharya. It is believed that the Acharya himself presented these vessels and blessed that the annadaana or the mass feeding will continue in this holy place forever. That is why the vessels are worshipped even now.

The cows have free access and freedom of movement in the precinct of Sri Krishna who was grazing the cows sporting with the gape youths and maidens in Vrundavan. The cows, which come out of the cowshed in the morning, move about around the shrine. A cow specially selected for the worship stands at the doors of the doors of the sanctum sanctorum. The Swamiji worship that cow.

Fried rice, laddus of country sugar, bananas etc are offered first to Lord Krishna and the aarati is waved around the idol. The same aarati is waved around the aksaya paatra and the cow. The dishes are offered to the cows.