Pancaamrtaabhiseekha puja

pancaamrtaabhiseekha puja This ritual is to be performed by the paryaya swamiji himself. The idol is well washed of. The sandal paste and the flowers are removed. In the hall known as suurya saale the priests chant the vedic hymns . The Swamiji first pours the coins of gold on the idol. Then, after worshipping the conch the pancaamrta is poured on the idol. The abhisheka starts with ghee. A conch full of cow's ghee is poured on the head of the idol and it flows down up to feet. Then milk, curd honey and sugar are poured. Then banana and tender coconut water are poured on the idol. Thirty-two tender coconut water is used for abhisheka.

After this abhisheka sandal paste, flower and tulasi sprouts are offered, rice coconut and beta leaf and nut are offered as naivedya and eight aaratis are waved.

The materials of abhisheka are again poured on the idol of Mukhyaprana and then distributed to the devotees as holy water.