Alankara Puja

Alankara Puja

The next programme is decoration of idol with various kinds of ornaments, armors and halo-like arches, Up to tiirtha puujaa one can have the vision of the idol as such , what is known as visvaruupa darsana.

Then the navagraha window is closed during alankaara or decoration. The window is opened at the time of alankara puujaa. From then onwards one can have the darsana of Krishna with full ornament and costumes.

The idol is decked differently on different days of the week. Only the face is not covered. Other parts of the body decorated differently on different days present new images to the devotees.

If it is a golden halo one day, it is an armour of diamonds the other day. The idol is presented as the incarnation of matsya (fish) kuurma (tortoise), Parashurama or Rama on different occasions. There is a big treasure of ornaments made of silver, gold, diamonds, pearls and other costly stones. Many kings of Vijayanagar and Mysore palace have offered ornaments to Lord Krishna.

It may also be noted here that on every Friday the idol is decorated with costumes of the Goddess. During the days of Navaratri festival also the idol is decked with women's costumes.

After the alankaara the window is opened. Rice, pudding, laddus, flat rice, curds, koosumbari etc are offered and sixteen aaratis are waved.