Caamara Seva Puja

Caamara seevaa puja

When the swamiji is engaged in his japa meditation the festival idol (a small metal idol used in procession) is brought to the mantapa and kept there. Two baskets filled with fried rice are kept on both sides. Milk, fruits , coconut, betal leaf and nut and laddus are also kept in front of the idol.

On both sides of the mantap the rows of oil lamps brighten the area. The Swamiji completes his evening meditation and arrives at the passage in between the mantap and candrasaalaa.

Two chowries made of yak's tail and set to a golden handle are kept there. The swamiji takes them in hands and waves them in front of the idol. This is the first service to the deity outside the sanctum sanctorum. The other one is the mantapa puujaa, which takes place after the raatri puujaa.

For about five minutes the swamiji offers his services to the deity by fanning with the chowries. He then hands over the chowries to his associates who continue to wave the chowries in an artistic manner.

The swamiji performs pancoopaara puujaa by offering fried rice and jaggary kept in baskets and waves aarati first to the main idol through the navagraha window and then to the small idol kept at the mantap and then to the idol of mukhya praana and garuda in candra saalaa.

From there the swamiji goes to his simhaasana and worships the idols of his own Mutt.