Mantapa Puja

mantapa puja-astaavadhaana puja

The mobile idol of Sri Krishna is again brought out in a palanquin and kept in a cradle in the mantap and worshipping with many musical instruments played there. This is known as vaalaga mantapa puujaa. The golden cradle used in this service was offered by the swamiji of Sri Palimat Mutt Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha in the year 1971 AD.

During the month of Vaishakha this service is hold in the Vasantha Mahal. Formerly during the special festivals of the year the side of the Shirur Mutt in front of the room in which the silver chariot is now stationed held it in the open place.

After the idol is placed in the cradle the swamiji rocks the cradle. The musicians sing and chant and the swamiji offers fried rice and waves aarati.

Then the swamiji steps down from the mantap and sits on candrasaalaa. The eight kinds of services are offered to the Lord in the form of rig Veda seevaa, yajur Veda seevaa, same veeda seevaa, starve veeda, seevaa, Vedanta seevaa, itihaasa seevaa, purana seevaa, and sangria seevaa.

If a devotee has offered a special service that day he gets the privilege of honoring the swamiji by offering sandal paste and waving aarati.

The idol is now placed in the palanquin and taken round the sanctum sanctorum accompanied by a melodious voice of flute. This is a feast to the eyes as well as ears.