Eekanta Seeva - Sa

Eekaanta seeva-sayanootsava puja

After going round the shrine the palanquin stops at the entrance. The swamiji takes the idol to the first room at the entrance and place the idol in a golden cradle behind the Channakeshava entrance. From now onwards until dawn Lord Krishna is supposed to sleep here. Only the swamijis and associates participate in the service here. The public does not have access to this place. Hence it is known as eekaanta seevaa, worship in seclusion.

The golden cradle used here was offered by the swamiji of Adamar Mutt Sri Vibudhesha Tirtha during the tenure of his paryaya in the year 1973 AD with the help of devotees.

When the swamiji rocks the cradle the musicians sing lullabies. The swamiji offers milk, sandal paste, sandal oil, holy leaves, nutmeg, cloves, perfume etc and waves aarati.

This is the termination of the fourteen services offered to Lord Krishna. The swamiji then sits in simhaasana and distributes prasaadam to devotees and pilgrims. It is by about 11-00p.m. that everything is over and the shrine is locked. During festival days it may be further delayed. The same process starts the next day at about 4-00 a.m.